Chocolate P2B Icecream Sundae


2 c. frozen banana


4 tbs P2B

1.5 tbs Cacao powder

.5c. frozen pineapple

4tbs. almond milk

1 pkt ProtLife chocolate protein powder

1tbs coconut oil

.5tbs honey


  1. Place banana, P2B, 1 tbs. cacao powder, frozen pineapple, and almond milk into blender.
  2. Puree ingredients until texture resembles that of ice cream.
  3. Place contents into bowl, and set in freezer.
  4. Take the coconut oil, honey, remaining cacao powder and half of the protein powder and place into bowl. Mix until dough like substance forms.
  5. either place into bag and squeeze small drops onto plate, or roll small chocolate chip size pieces and place onto sheet.
  6. Freeze the chocolate chips for 3 minutes.
  7. Take ice cream out of freezer. Place remaining protein powder on top.
  8. Take chocolate Chips out of freezer and place onto sundae.
  9. Enjoy ice cream!

calories: ~615

Click here for video on how to make banana ice-cream


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