Modern Food Explorer is all about searching the world over for fun and tasty flavor combinations that make you forget its healthy in the first place. It has multiple social media interfaces allowing viewers to interact via Vine, facebook, even instagram. However, It has very humble beginnings.


Being a natural born adventurer I always sought out ways to take an adventure, at little to no cost. 




Exploration was not just done in the literal sense, it was always done with food too. I always looked at food and wondered  about the ‘how’. I experimented with making breads, and developing her own cookie recipes.If ever out of a certain ingredient, I always looked for an innovative substitute.

Eventually I decided that business was the right move for me. After high school, she attended college for Business Administration. During those years I would write articles for the college newspaper. 

My last semester at college, I took a backpacking course. This trip lasted made me awestruck by the beauty of the outdoors. I became more aware of a growing desire to bring things to the basics; be healthy enough to be able to admire the beauty of nature until a very old age.

After graduating I escaped to the mountains. 

With a very stringent budget, I began to look for creative ways to eat more whole foods, without sacrificing taste or money. Many hours were spent planning, prepping, cooking, and freezing up different foods. When something was made that fit my liking, I posted it on social media for people to see.

Many really liked the recipes. Being inspired the level of positive reactions,  she wanted to find a way to share it with even more people.

The solution she felt, was to create a website 

Marching down to the library( since I had no internet or cable), ideas in hand, I created Modernfoodexplorer.com. The first post made was Black Bean Burger . Not many people reacted to the post, so I created another article Chocolate Peanutbutter Icing , which  received a lot more positivity. This lead to a lot of experimenting with mock sweets.


Inspired to make mock unhealthy foods with healthy alternatives, I created several banana icecream and chocolate recipes. 

Since then it has grown to include multiple platforms, including twitter, instagram, and even youtube. Not only are recipes posted, but it has since expanded to articles hacking mainstream restaurants and health products for the best in value and taste.


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