Vegan Chocolate Milk

Chocolate milk is probably one of the biggest childhood classics.  Also, not exactly the healthiest. This classic beverage would often contain loads of processed sugars, and no real nutrients.  Sure, the milk would supply some protein, but there are arguments against the use of dairy.

This being said, I came up with a  recipe for those who choose to not use any animal products so they too can enjoy this child hood classic.

The ingredients used are simple, contain good health benefits, and easy to locate in many grocery stores.

Cocoa powder contains antioxidants, and is good for boosting energy naturally.

Almond milk is a delicious alternative to cow milk, making it safe for those who cannot have dairy. It does not cause bloating, and is low in calories. However, it does not contain a lot of protein, so make sure you dont use it as a primary source for protein.

Maple Syrup is a more natural, less processed sweetener. It contains numerous vitamins and minerals, and antioxitdants. Reportedly it also is anti-inflammatory. Just another reason to love the stuff!


-cocoa powder

-almond milk

-maple syrup


  1. fill a cup with almond milk.
  2. Add in 2 tsp of cocoa powder. Mix well. Add in more until desired cocoa taste is achieved.
  3. Add in maple syrup, starting off with 1tbs. Add more if you have a bigger sweet tooth!

Published by Modern Food Explorer

Hi! Welcome to my site. I created this to share my recipes ive come up with. I love being active, and eating as healthy as possible, However I dont like how people say healthy is supposed to taste. So I spend a lot of time putting together recipes that satisfy my sweet tooth as well as my body's needs. In my free time I love to go hiking, draw, listen to music, as well as arts and crafts. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Sincerely, The Ginger

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