Core Life Eatery


Location: various locations


fair, $between 5-12

Health rating


10*(local ingredients, lots of options, grass fed beef, fountain drinks-tropical green tea, reach in options healthy)



7Great atmosphere, modern, colorful, clean



7. Great variety. Plenty of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. Set up like the actual healthy version of a subway



8.5 the food is amazing. Fresh, full of flavor and textures that just mix well


6 Core Life does have multiple locations in the country, however they are few in number( currently 18), and most located in Pennsylvania and New York state. That being said, they are looking to add many more locations in these states, and branch into more southern states.


Overall Score: 7.7 2000px-Chrisdesign_Photorealistic_Green_Apple.svg.png2000px-Chrisdesign_Photorealistic_Green_Apple.svg.png2000px-Chrisdesign_Photorealistic_Green_Apple.svg.png2000px-Chrisdesign_Photorealistic_Green_Apple.svg.png2000px-Chrisdesign_Photorealistic_Green_Apple.svg.png2000px-Chrisdesign_Photorealistic_Green_Apple.svg.png2000px-Chrisdesign_Photorealistic_Green_Apple.svg.png


Eating healthy can be a task to some. Eating out can be even far more daunting of a task. In the world of health food restaurants, the catch is how to reel in customers with their catchy flavors, and keep them coming.

Core Life provides plenty of flavors and variety. These include options of greens or grain bowls, broth bowls, and various handcrafted beverages. This restaurant gives the consumer a unique element of customization when it comes to there meal, with about the same cost as going to a Five Guys, or other fast food restaurant. Perfect for people looking for healthy animal proteins, as well as vegans/ vegetarians. Pictured is a greens bowl, with root veggies, tofu, spinach, and sriracha. this is just an example of what one could get out of the many options provided.


For more information, visit Core Life Eatery’s website

Published by Modern Food Explorer

Hi! Welcome to my site. I created this to share my recipes ive come up with. I love being active, and eating as healthy as possible, However I dont like how people say healthy is supposed to taste. So I spend a lot of time putting together recipes that satisfy my sweet tooth as well as my body's needs. In my free time I love to go hiking, draw, listen to music, as well as arts and crafts. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me! Sincerely, The Ginger

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