Nadamoo: The Icecream You’ve Been Waiting For

With a world full of unhealthy foods, the option seems to be ‘quit whole turkey and your healthy ‘. But you don’t have to! Well yes, those unhealthy things are OK in moderation, what I’m here to tell you is that there are healthy alternatives that taste just as good!

For the case of Nadamoo, it’s not good.. It’s Fantastic!


The company prides itself in using organic ingredients as much as possible. checking the nutrition facts, its apparent that they also use as little ingredients as possible. As a bonus, those ingredients are natural, not chemical( meaning one could easily find them in a grocery store). It actually started out in 2004 as a couple from Austin creating a frozen treat for their dairy free friends and family. It is needless to say that it was incredibly popular and soon boomed in sales.

All are made with a coconut milk base. This ingredient is very healthy, and adds a ton of fiber to the icecream. Unlike other ‘healthy’ non-dairy icecreams, Nadamoo has swapped out one certain ingredient: Sugar. Instead the majority of their flavors use Agave nectar to naturally sweeten the frozen delectable treats.

Nadamoo comes in 12 different flavors. Of those,  Modern Food Explorer tested four, and the concluding research confirmed tasty-Ness.

MMM…Maple Pecan.img_20160924_211840

This flavor is reminiscent of fall. The flavor of the base is a noticable maple flavor. Not too strong, but certainly  ot lacking. Throughout are real walnut pieces that add a nice crunchy texture.



Hands down, this was the best vanilla icecream tasted by Modern Food Explorer, dairy-free or not. The vanilla was sthong, and yet sweet(thanks to the agave)

Gotta Do Chocolate


The name says it all. You just gotta do chocolate. This icecream is simple, straight to the point sweet cocoa flavor. No gimmicks. No distracting textures.

Lotta Mint Chip.img_20160930_195221

Lotta Mint chip is right! Packed with lots of chocolate chips, this icecream also gives huge mint punch. After each spoonful your breath is left minty fresh!

Find a flavor that suits you?

Well, Nadamoo has generated several Healthy recipes coinciding with each flavor. this way you can stay on track and still enjoy dessert! For those who really love fall, they have a deliciousPumpkin Spice Mug Cake and outrageously tasty Pumpkin Protein Smoothie . Or if you have come up with an ingenious recipe that must be shown to the world, you can share it with Nadamoo!  Just click on the link below the recipes to submit it.

So you’ve read the article, and tastebuds are just going absolutely crazy, wher on earth do you find Nadamoo?!

This delectable treat is available at most organic/health foods stores nation wide. Also it is carried in the chain store Called: Whole Foods Markets for about $6.99 per pint. A little expensive yes. However it is worth the spendature considering the ingredients, and the flavor being than many regular icecreams, not just the dairy free.

Want to explore more about Nadamoo? Click here to find out!




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