Young Living: More than Just Oils

When people think Essential oils, they think of diffusers, lemon scents, homemade lotions. Which, to be fair, is the majority of essential oil companies.

Young Living Essential Oils started out in 1993 will a small ogranic farming operation by Gary and Mary Young. Business was starting to rise, so in 1994 they established the business. Staying focused on there goal to use only the purest ingredients, they formed  a new process to help maintain that goal, called: Seed to Seal®, which is not just what they label their production process, but also their committment to being sustainable. In addition Young LivingEssential oils lists all of the farms that they source their ingredients from right on the website! This obvious commitment to the planet has cought the eye of consumers everywhere,  and now they are a widely popular essential oils company.

One such Essential oil blend product is the Thieves oil. it is a blend of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, radiata, and rosemary. The story behind this amazing blend is very interesting. This blend actually was derived from a blend that French thieves used while robbing the dead in the 15th century.

This oil blend is not just for aromatic purposes, you can injest it by placing a small amount in a capsule(2 drops with 8 drops of carrier oil), or add it to your smoothies, banana icecream, or even add it to the companies own Ningxia drink.

What is Ningxia? Well,  Ningxia Red is a liquid energy blend containg juices from major superfoods, included but not limited to: aronia, plum, blueberry. In addition, it contains several fruit oils to help keep you balanced. According to their website, the health benefits of taking this are not just increased energy, but “… normal eye health, cellular function...”

Looking for more ways to add essential oils to your own food, but dont know how to include the essential oils? Young Living has that covered. On their website are videos for cooking a variety of goodies, like the Guilt Free Peppermint Brownies . A very tasty way to give your body the healing ingredients it needs.

Want to know more about Young Living Essential Oils other products, like the household and personal care? Just click this link to find out more about the amazing health company!


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