College Hacks for Health: Dunkin Donuts

Every college kid does it. Thats right, the morning ‘Im gonna be late but yolo’ run to dunkin donuts before class.

There is no avoiding it, its just part of college tradition.

While you may be singing sad Nickleback songs in your head because you eat healthy?  Well rejoice and switch your playlist over the Justin Beiber because I have news for you!

The menu has been healthy hacked, and you can be a proper college kid, and do the dunkin run like the greats.


Here is the line up, starting with drinks. All of these are the lowest in sugar and fats, while still providing a high level of caffeine. When researching the nutrition facts, I recorded the large sizes(minus tea, which will have a negligable difference in sodium) so that you wont worry about what size to get. Go big or go home. Unincluded are the hot versions of regular coffee, which will have relatively the same amount of nutrition, provided that you skip the sugar.

Item Total Fat Sodium Total Carb Fiber Sugar Protein Vitamins
Iced Coffee 1gram 15 3 0 0 1 none
Iced Coffee with Almond Milk 1gram 75 9 0 6 1 vitaminA(4%), calcium(10%)
Iced Coffee with Milk 2 gram 45 6 0 3 3 vitamin A(2%), Calcium(8%)
Black Tea/green Tea 0gram 15 0 0 0 0 none


I cant kid myself, if youre going to dunkin donuts, there is a high chance that youll cave and get the donut. However, armed with that knowledge, I cherry picked the donuts/baked gooods lowest in fat, sodium, and most importantly, sugar( 10 grams or less). So this way, you dont have to fall completely off track! The muffin, bagel and croissant were calculated as plain, no spreads.

Item Total Fat Sodium Total Carb Fiber Sugar Protein Vitamins
Apple n’ Spice 14 340 29 1 9 3 vitamin a(2%), calcium(2%), iron(6%)
Bavarian Crème 15 350 31 1 9 4 vitamin A(2%), Iron(6%)
Guava Burst 15 340 29 1 9 3 vitamin A(2%), Vitamin c(20%),iron(6%)
Old Fashioned Cake 22 300 33 1 9 3 Vitamin A(4%), Calcium(10%), iron(6%)
Sugared Raised 14 330 22 1 4 3 vitamin A(2%), Iron(6%)
English Muffin 0.5 110 30 6 1 4 calcium(2%), Iron(10%)
Multi Grain Bagel 7 450 63 8 8 15 calcium(6%), Iron(50%)
Plain Croissant 18 350 37 1 5 6 Vitamin c(10%), Calcium(2%), Iron(15%)


Lets not kid ourselves, donuts dont always cut it. sometimes, you just got to get that protein! Here are some carb and meat craving satisfiers.

Item Total Fat Sodium Total Carb Fiber Sugar Protein Vitamins
Egg and Cheese on English Muffin 13 440 32 7 2 13 vitamin A(8%), vitamin c(2%), calcium(15%), Iron(15%)
Egg and Cheese wake-up wrap 11 400 13 1 1 8 vitamin A(4%),calcium(10%), iron(4%)
Egg White Veggie wake-up wrap 11 380 14 1 1 11 vitamin A(8%), vitamin C(6%), calcium(20%), iron(2%)


As you can see, the name ‘Dunkin Donuts’ can be misleading. Despite a common misconception, it does actually have healthy foods, and does not need to be avoided! Dont go over-zealous and eliminate certain restaurants. going there will not make you unhealthy, its the food choices that really matter.

Breath, and enjoy life. Enjoy food. Eat Dunkin Donuts.


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