College Hacks for Health: McDonalds

With being on the go at college, your bound to go out a lot to eat. Especially for those late night study munchies with your new found college buddies.

Unfortunately, on a college budget, your bound to only have a few bucks to spend. No Panera for you! Which leaves fast food joints, abundent in number, but not nutrition.

Before you start giving up on health through college, read this article! I am going to tell you how to hack famous fast food menus, for optimum nutrition, without sacrificing quality time with friends.

I dont need to tell you what McDonalds is, more than likely you already know all about this hamburger fast food joint.

Many may feel very uncertain on how to find the nutrition in the mix. However, after expirimenting a bit, I have found several solutions for you!


  1. Fruit and Maple Oat Meal

    • Traditionally this comes with cream, brown sugared oats, diced apples, and a cranberry raisin blend. Subtract the cream and ask for oats without brown sugar, and this will be the nutritional value:
    • Calories 240
      Fat 2.5
      protein 6
      Carbohydrates 48
      fiber 5
      Sugar 18
  2. Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

    • You dont really need to make any subtractions from the ingredients. While the sugar content is fairly high, the nutrition and caloric value are a good offset
    • Calories 150
      Fat 2
      protein 4
      Carbohydrates 30
      fiber 1
      Sugar 23


  1. Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad

    • When you have a few extra dollars and your a little more hungry, spring for a salad! This one is a nutrient dense meal!
    • Make it a little more healthy by eliminating the cheese and tortilla strips. For dressing, ask for Newman’s Own® Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette
    • Calories 300
      Fat 7
      protein 33
      Carbohydrates 26
      fiber 6
      Sugar 12


  1. Apple Slices

    • This will be literally the cheapest thing you can buy from mcdonalds, besides the cutie oranges.
    • Calories 15
      Fat 0
      protein 0
      Carbohydrates 4
      fiber 0
      Sugar 3
  2. Cutie Orange

    • Pretty self explanatory. Its an orange.
    • Calories 35
      Fat 0
      protein 0
      Carbohydrates 8
      fiber 0
      Sugar 6
  3. Side Salad

    • If your not hungry for a full salad, or just simply dont have the money for it, this is your next best option! Order it with  Newman’s Own® Low Fat Balsamic Vinaigrette
    • Calories 50
      Fat 2
      protein 0
      Carbohydrates 9
      fiber 1
      Sugar 5

You dont need to sacrifice loads of money, or taste to enjoy a nutritious and college budget friendly meal.Just learn to nutrition hack the menu!


Keep checking the website for more Healthy college hacks.


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