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When it comes to losing  fat and getting lean, the one product that comes to mind is protein powder.

There are thousands of different brands offering different flavors, protein contents. It can be a little overwhelming for many.

Have no fear! after doing some personal taste testing, I have provided the best options based on your goal for protein. Its broken down by : Most effective for protein recipes, best for body(ingredient wise), best for low calorie, best tasting, and least expensive(but still gets the job done).

 Best in Baking

First up is the protein powder  I have found that work best for protein recipes: Muscle Tech.  This can be used in anything from protein icecream, to cookies or pancakes, and you will not be dissapointed.

Muscle Tech 100% whey protein. Generally the protein powder fluffs up easily when mixed into a recipe with eggs as compared to others. Ergo, you get more food for the same amount of calories.

This protein has exceptionally good flavor, although typically it is neither too sweet/strong, or too savory. Which is a good thing.It also comes in various varieties: 100% whey advanced, Platinum whey, Premium Gold and many more. They average around 130 calories and 24 grams protein.

This protein powder is available online at the muscleTech website, as well as Walmart. It is fairly inexpensive, and well worth it.

Healthiest Ingredients

The Next category is best for body. There are three different protein powders that I have found to be very beneficial when it comes to ingredients. They are: Shakeology and Integrated Supplements Chocolate Whey Isolate Protein Powder.

Shakeology is probably better known as a sort of weight loss suplement. But it contains a high amount of protein(17 grams), which is why i chose to include it.

There are very few unrecognizable chemicals in it, as i like to call those unpronouncable ingredients. It does however contain many nutritious and helath benefitting plants. Among them are Goji berries, flax seed, green tea, quinoa, pomegranate, moringa, and so much more! It also includes Stevia to sweeten, which is a leafy plant.

It comes in many flavors: chocolate, strawberry, greenberry, vanilla, cafe latte, chocolate vegan, and tropical strawberry vegan. It does taste slightly gritty, but when mixed in with fruits, or baked, the gritty texture is lost.

This is available at the shakeology website. It is very expensive (129) however they offer different options for ordering; either once or monthly, which is more convenient. It even allows you to alternate the flavors!

Next on the good for your body is the Integrated Supplements Chocolate Whey Isolate Protein Powder.

This is found at target, either in stores or online ( for about 30), which ever is most convenient for you. This powder is  very low calorie, only 110 calories per serving, and 20 grams protein.

Those who are gluten intolerant, rejoice! this powder is not only kosher certified, low sodium and free of artificials, it is gluten free!

Not only that, but it tastes absolutely amazing on its own, and especially in shakes or cakes. Probably the protein powder i would most recommend.

Jarrow’s Plant protein contains mostly plant based ingredients. The flavor is relatively savory, so I would suggest using it only for baking bread type products. Not the one I would most recommend, but I thought it best be included.

Lowest in Calorie

Next is Fit Miss Delight. Normally I would not recommend this, as the ingredients list is a little shady. But, it does contain plenty of protein. The only reason this powder is included is because it is very low calorie. So If you dont care much about the ingredients, and focus more on the calories and protein, you are in luck. Its only 90 calories per serving and 16 grams protein.

It can be found at for 28.98, and comes in chocolate or vanilla chai flavors.

The Best in Taste

My category is my favorite: The best in Taste. This hands down goes to GNC’s Total Lean  Lean Shake 25 protein brand. It is 200 calories per serving and 25 grams of protein( as stated in the name).

While other protein powders tend to have a slightly gritty or earthy taste, it is completely non-existent in this brand. Not only that, but it comes in the widest variety of flavors compared to other brands. These include: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, chocolate peanutbutter, banana, cookies and cream( my favorite), mixed berry, and orange cream.

It retails at 44.99, or 39.99 if you are a member. Whether you prefer to buy online or in stores, GNC offers both for your convenience.

Least Expensive

The last category is least expensive protein, which goes to EAS Soy protein. It is available at Walmart for: 10. With this protein, you get what you pay for. It is not the best in taste, and is extremely gritty. However, if you bake it, the taste is not bad. However for those on a budget, it is still a great option.


In short there is no one perfect protein powder. It all depends on your goals, and what you require most out of the product whether it be the protein content, flavor, best for baking, or best for your body. Be sure to check out each protein powder online for further nutritional information. Hope this article helped narrow down your options and make the decision process a little easier!

Happy protein hunting!





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