Icecream Alternatives

Homemade banana ice cream is a great alternative to the famous frozen treat. Its full of nutritional benefits, and actually helps people to lose weight. But it also takes a lot of time.

So what is one to do when they cant freeze the bananas? Maybe they are out traveling, or don’t have a food processor.


Well, luckily some companies are picking up on this, and decided to put out a few healthy alternatives to the famous frozen treat. I have gathered my three  favorite options, and listed the info for each down below.

Artic Zero

This is my absolute favorite. It contains 20 grams of protein(per pint), 8 grams soluble fiber(per pint) and 4 grams insoluble fiber( also per pint). It is also fat free, low on the glycemic index, certified gluten free, and lactose free.  As if it was not enough, the calorie count is listed on the front: about 150-300. this count is not per cup, is is a total for the entire container!!! So no feeling guilty for eating every last  bit.  Artic Zero comes in many flavors as well: Cookie dough, chocolate peanut butter, cookie shake, salted caramel,snicker doodle, and more!

It is available mainly at Walmart, in the ice cream section.

Halo Top

This line of healthy ice cream is also high in protein. They are low in carbs, sugar, and fat. While it does contain dairy, it does not have any synthetic growth hormones and is gluten free. Caloric value is also calculated by the pint, ranging from 240-280. They have a variety of flavors, ranging from the classics: strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla bean to the more interesting  kinds, like birthday cake.

It is available at many grocery stores and health food places. Personally ive seen it mainly at Wegmans and Walmart. However the website conveniently has a store locator that tells you what stores in your area sells it. Pretty nifty if you ask me.


So Delicious Coconut milk Ice cream

This is a little more on the cheat day side. But I listed it because it is lactose free, and contains lots of fiber. They contain no GMOs, gluten free, made with organic coconut, and certified vegan! They have a variety of flavors, including: turtle trails, strawberry, cherry amaretto, cookie dough, and many more.

Don’t like coconut? Well you’re in luck. The So Delicious company also offers soy and almond milk ice cream , which are both lactose free. So you are in luck!


This brand is available at pretty much any major grocery store, and health food stores.

Hope this helped you all stay on track this summer! if you have any questions about the brands or wanted to do more digging on your own, I included hyperlinks to the websites in the titles for each.


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